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 DOLOMITI - introductory property guide  download pdf


In the beautiful peaks of the Dolomites, in the middle of unforgettable landscapes made of beautiful valleys, meadows and small villages, there are many possibilities for your second home. Dolomites are one the most beautiful skiing region in the world...

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 MARCA TREVIGIANA - introductory property guide  download pdf


Treviso is a conesseur town, set in a strategic location, crossroad of all major tourist circuits. Here you can enjoy lifestyle in a typical italian small town and take advantage of the neighbourhood areas which are some of the most attractive and culturally important in Italy...


 MILANO - introductory property guide


Milano is considered the first economical centre in Italy, well known as the most advanced and famous city, especially for fashion and design, wich are celebrated during the year with the dedicated weeks.
Vibrant city, multiethnic, constantly evolving... 


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MONFERRATO - introductory property guide  download pdf


Among the beautiful hills of Monferrato, in the midst of vineyards and small, delicious fortified villages, we select, renovate and sell old cottages, casale or rustico, farm buildings or single-family homes with different architectural features. 


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VAL DI NOTO - introductory property guide  download pdf


In the Baroque old town city centres in the Val di Noto (Noto, Modica, Ragusa), you can find interesting housing solutions in an incomparable charming and beautiful location. 


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Venice - introductory property guide  download pdf


Venice is definitely one of the most particular and lovely cities in the world and doesn’t need any presentation. Unique exemplar in the whole world, here you have the possibility to find solutions for your home that are as singular and special...